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OPUS - Out on May 22, 2015
Buy @ PureSteel: CD | mp3
Preview @ Youtube: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Opus reviews (more...)
“Opus” is, quite frankly, a marvel... fathomlessly intriguing, nuanced and mature... A gorgeous album, a moving album, a necessity for fans of progressive and power metal... a highlight of 2015. (9.5/10, HeathenHarvest webzine)

...a jewel of twelve songs... where the prevailing atmosphere is compositional maturity and intimacy with overflowing cuts of shades... (8/10, Dioses del Metal webzine)

...we encourage you to listen to Opus and take the time to absorb its magic... (8/10, Metallus.it webzine)

With a wonderfully rich, warm production, the Italians create a handful of simple perfect prog rock songs, with a clear focus on melody and atmosphere. (8/10, Metal1.info webzine)

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