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OPUS - Out on May 22, 2015
Buy @ PureSteel: CD | mp3
Preview @ Youtube: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Opus reviews (more...)
The album turned into a milestone, a highlight from start to finish... Understated and beautiful material is the main core of Adramelch, and they bring their business with so much passion that this album will leave you higgledy-piggledy!" (91/100, Metal to Infinity.be)

Every other word that I could waste here would cost time that you and I could spend listening to this album. "Opus" is a masterpiece! (9.8/10, Bleeding4metal.de webzine)

With a wonderfully rich, warm production, the Italians create a handful of simple perfect prog rock songs, with a clear focus on melody and atmosphere. (8/10, Metal1.info webzine)

...a piece of work musically and conceptually without limits... an album of disarming beauty. (8.8/10, IYEzine.com - In Your Eyes)

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