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Lights from Oblivion
Lights from Oblivion - in stores now

  Adramelch Store Online at ReverbNation reverbnation.com/adramelch
Adramelch Store Online at ReverbNation

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Lights from Oblivion reviews (more...)
Lights From Oblivion: all italian magic, once again. Chapeau. (80/100, Truemetal.it webzine)

To all those who still don't know “Lights from oblivion”... goes my advice to dig further into these shining digital grooves, thus unveiling the titanic expressive strength hidden among their recesses. (8.5, metal.it webzine)

...their music lies undoubtly among the heights that only true masters can reach. "Lights" is a record to listen at in its entirety, rocked by its labyrinthine melodies that reveal their secrets only after repeated listening. (8.5/10, MetalHead.it webzine)

...the album is currently a daily guest in my CD player. Rarely heard such beautiful music. (9/10, Mega-Metal webzine)

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